What is interview? How is it different from Mains?

Should a candidate give balanced answers or speak his mind? How does one draw the Board’s attention rather than merely respond to their questions?

These are some of the fundamental issues that nearly every candidate grapples with.

At Feynman IAS, we provide insights to resolve these issues. Our approach stems from the belief that merely attending mock interviews will be of not much help unless one has a sense of what is the essence of interview technique. We believe that behind every good interview there is something like the soul of a candidate. Feynman’s approach seeks to equip candidate to search within and present it suitably to the without.

This is quite a challenge, more so when the Board takes interviews every other day for over two months. They have heard it all. They are tired and bored. In such a situation, it is very important to pique the Board’s curiosity. Especially when one only has 30 minutes to present one’s personality. This calls for original thinking and boldness; courage to take on questions and express oneself rather than take refuge in meekness and ambivalence.

It is this philosophy that shapes Feynman IAS interview training. The program’s format has these elements:

  • Classes and reading material on Current Affairs
  • Presentations by students on their hobbies/interests to be followed by the questions.
  • One to one sessions with Venkata Mohan
  • Help in DAF
  • Mock interviews

Particularly enriching are Presentations and one to one sessions with Venkata Mohan. This method will allow candidates to develop an individualized strategy. As a result, one gains confidence of having a sense of clear vision of Personality test instead of shooting in the dark.

Rest assured we beieve our approach will change the way you look at the personality test. This provides perfect opportunity to create an impression on the Board.