Full online Sociology course for UPSC 2018 at 28000/-   Click Here

Venkata Mohan, author of Sociological Thought, offers Sociology course with the following features:
  • Covers entire syllabus of Sociology in 65+ sessions
  • 45 sessions relevant to G.S
  • G.S relevant books on Ancient India, Modern India, Polity, Post-Independence and Economy are made part of Paper 2 preparation.
  • Designed as an insightful account of G.S.
  • Includes regular tests with feedback
  • Watch videos at Facebook 

Online modules:

  1. Sociological Thinkers and Methods @5000/- Click here

     2. Gender @3000/- Click here

     3. Caste and Class @5000/- Click here

     4. Religion @3000/- Click here

     5. Economy and Polity @4000/- Click here


UPSC 2017 Sociology Mains answers:

Cartoons from Venkata Mohan’s Sociological Thought