Feynman IAS offers a completely online Prelims Test Series for a quick revision before the UPSC Civil Services Exam (Prelims). This test series is prepared from limited, but most relevant sources for UPSC Civil Services.

As the saying goes Prelims exam is an unpredictable and chaotic paper. But, a chaotic paper can’t be approached with another chaotic one. So, the main intention behind this program is not to create a look-alike of the UPSC Prelims exam, but to make the student study and revise a given number of sources within a given period of time. With this systematic approach we would like the student to study all that is humanly possible within the given amount of time. The complete break-up of the program and the list of sources are detailed below.


Features of the Program:

  • Subject-wise break up.
  • Completely online tests.
  • Brief solutions will be provided.
  • Includes exclusive tests on Current Affairs & CSAT.
  • Covers a total of 25 sources [Environment & Ecology = 5; Current Affairs = 3; History = 6; Geography = 7; Polity = 1; Economy = 3]
  • @ Rs 5000/- only.
  • 35+ Tests.


  1. Environment and Ecology [4 tests]


  • Shankar IAS Academy-Environment
  • Our Environment-Class VIII,NCERT
  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography- Class XI, NCERT
  • India: Physical Environment -Class XI, NCERT
  • Science-Class XII NCERT


  1. Current Affairs [5 tests]


  • Feynman Current affairs material
  • Vision IAS monthly current affairs
  • Facebook groups:
  1. Current Issues 2017  – Facebook
  2. 2017 Current Events – Facebook
  3. History [8 tests]


  • ​Ancient India by RS Sharma-Class XI,NCERT(old)
  • ​Medieval India by Satish Chandra- Class XI,NCERT(old)
  • Medieval India by IrfanHabib(NBT)
  • Modern India by Bipan Chandra-Class XII, NCERT(old)
  • Spectrum -Facets of Indian art and culture
  • Tata McGraw Hill- Indian art and culture by NitinSingania


  1. Geography [7 tests]


  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography- Class XI, NCERT
  • India: Physical Environment -Class XI, NCERT
  • Fundamentals of Human Geography-Class XII, NCERT
  • India People and Economy -Class XII, NCERT
  • Part II of “Certificate Physical and Human Geography” by Goh Cheng Leong
  • Oxford Student Atlas for map locations
  • Relevant current developments


  1. Polity [5 tests]


  • Indian Polity – M LaxmiKanth(5thedition)


  1. Economy [4 tests]


  • Indian Economy – Venkata Mohan
  • Feynman IAS Indian Economy material
  • Facebook groups:  Facebook