Prelims cum Mains course for UPSC 2019


We offer 18 month association with our institute as a part of Prelims cum Mains coaching for Civil services exam 2019. The idea is to have a limited student intake and pay individual attention rather than a crowded class.

As explained in the video, the course builds basics first and systematically takes the student to higher concepts.

The entire course is packed with more than 100 periodic tests rigorously focusing on assessment and learning outcomes. The tests are at following levels- NCERT , Basic books (Laxmikanth, Bipin Chandra etc), Current affairs and subjective tests. The results of the tests are personally monitored by the Director of the institute

Special emphasis is laid on writing skills. The Director of the institute, an author himself, shall deal with a course on various aspects of writing- reading skills, absorbing the central idea of a concept, writing clearly and insight-fully etc.

The entire General Studies portion is dealt by senior faculty who teach respective Optionals and are subject experts in their particular fields. Eg. Polity is dealt by Political Science Optional teacher. Geography part by Geography optional teacher. Science and Technology by a PhD in Sciences, Writing skills by an author of 6 books etc.

Comprehensive coverage of current affairs, supplementing the General studies preparation is provided in two ways. First, a periodic round up of current affairs events. Then, an intensive issue based analysis equipping the student for all the phases of the exam. The latter is dealt by the Director of the institute.

Guest lectures by eminent activists on important themes of society, interaction with previous toppers, occasional tours to select places to understand the historic, socio-economic context shall be a part of the course.

Overall, the objective of the course is to empower the student to learn by oneself and have an independent and superior understanding of the world rather than merely borrowing opinions or toeing to the ideas scattered everywhere.

Choice of Optionals include: Anthropology, Sociology, Geography and Political Science

Merit bases scholarships are offered based on performance of an online test. The details are given in the home page

Click here to download How to prepare for General Studies 1, 2, 3 pdf 

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The results include:


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