Aim of this course is to help the novice to step into the world of Geography. In a broad sense, Geography is the study of Earth and its inhabitants.

A good way to understanding Geography is by reading NCERT books and then test one’s level of understanding through the Foundation Course Test Series (which is completely based on NCERT books). So, students are advised to be thorough with NCERT text books and the Foundation Course Tests before taking up classes for Geography.


  • Completely online test series
  • Includes tests for Foundation Course, Prelims and Mains
  • Includes Environment & Ecology also
  • Fee: 2000 (Tests)

Sources to study for Geography and Environment & Ecology:

Foundation Course:

  • The Earth: Our Habitat (Class VI)
  • Our Environment (Class VII)
  • Resource and Development (NCERT Class VIII)
  • Contemporary India – I (Class IX)
  • Contemporary India – II (Class X)

Prelims & Mains:

  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography (Class XI)
  • India: Physical Environment (Class XI)
  • Fundamentals of Human Geography (Class XII)
  • India: People and Economy (Class XII)
  • Part 2 of Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong
  • Environment Studies: From Crisis to Cure by R Rajagopalan
  • Environment: Sankar IAS
  • 2nd ARC Report on Crisis Management


Foundation Course Test Series
Test No. Source
1 The Earth: Our Habitat (NCERT Class VI)
2 Our Environment (NCERT Class VII)
3 & 4 Resource and Development (NCERT Class VIII)
5 & 6 Contemporary India – 1 (NCERT Class IX)
7 & 8 Contemporary India – 2 (NCERT Class X)
9 & 10 Map based questions


Prelims Test Series
Test No. Syllabus
11 Physical Geography (Scientific)
12 Physical Geography (Factual)
13 Human Geography (Scientific & Factual)
14 Complete Syllabus
15 Complete Syllabus


Mains Test Series (Objective)
Test No Syllabus
16 Physical Geography
17 Human Geography
18 Environment & Ecology and Disaster Management