Bridge Course for APPSC to UPSC Aspirants
Courses offered:

  1. Science and Technology 
  2. AP Economy and AP Geography 

Science and Technology for Prelims and Mains

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AP Economy and AP Geography


FAQs about the Course

Q. What’s the course about?
A. Primarily its a Bridge course for UPSC students who wish to prepare for APPSC. It covers the gaps between UPSC and APPSC syllabus. Simply put, it covers AP Economy, AP History, Laws of India, Science and Technology

Q. Fine. How many Question and Answers are you going to dictate in the class?
A. Zero Q. Are you nuts! APPSC preparation without Q&A dictation? How are you going about the course then
The course shall take you through each aspect of the syllabus from basics to a superior level.
◦ In each class you shall be given a handout of the topics, Questions and material of the topic. Videos relevant to the topic shall be posted in the telegram group before hand and ideally, you are expected to watch them before the class ◦ The basics and relevant material shall be thoroughly discussed in the class. ◦ The material is expected to cover all aspects of syllabus equipping you tackle all kinds of questionsQ. Oh! Where do you draw the material from?
Not from one single source. Unfortunately there are no one stop solutions for any papers in APPSC. Material of each chapter has been drawn from books written by experts on that topic.
Class together with the material is designed not just to give information on the topic but have an opinion upon it. Get ready for interview tooQ. Interesting. How shall this help me in the exam?
It’s simple. APPSC market so far is said to have been dominated by notes of few institutes. Answers in exam then are bound to be repetitive. The one with superior clarity, content and presentation, particularly in this scenario shall have an obvious edge. Here is your chance
Q. Cool. How do I learn the art of answer writing then?
A. There’s a superior innovation going here for the first time in Civil Services coaching on the same. It’s the use of Google classrooms

Q. What’s that and how are you using it for training in answer writing?
A. Google classroom is a kind of virtual classroom. You have all your fellow students, the teacher and the mentor in the group.

◦ On each topic, Questions shall be posted and students are expected to write the answers.

◦ The answers shall be monitored by the teacher, the mentor and only those of your fellow students who have submitted their answers

Q. Doesn’t this happen in other platforms?
A. The other platforms have the following issues which are rectified by Google classrooms

◦ Unlike other platforms which are open for all to comment, this is limited only to classroom students

Not all can comment. For you to look at the other better answers, you are expected to submit an answer first. When you already know the pain in coming up with a good answer, you make a meaningful comment and respect others answers

◦ Each write in a different style. The platform gives you access to Multiple styles of answer writing

◦ Unlike a traditional class where you are dictated only one monotonous answer for a question, this platform allows you to Read and go through multiple answers for a given topic.

The answers then are scrutinized by a mentor, the teacher and your fellow students. In a way, it’s a superior test series in itself

◦ If one really wants to understand what goes into making of some exceptional answers, it’s the use of platforms like Google classroom in full earnest


Q. Brilliant! You mentioned about Objective tests in a Mains course! How come
A. One important observation after going through many Mains answers is that students think they are very good at concepts and only have an issue only with presentation. Alas! Most times, much of their issue with concept than presentation.Which other tool helps better than the right objective question in testing one’s clarity in concepts? We, hence have series of objective tests designed by the teachers themselves, essentially testing the strength of concepts. The objective tests also give you case studies which can be used as examples in exam. All tests are online on a Proprof platform. You have a record of all your subjective and objective tests before exam for quick revisionNote: If your issue is with writing skills, we suggest you to opt for ‘Writing Skills’ course at Feynman. The course starts from basic grammar and takes you till different writing approaches possible in your frame. The entire course is online with support from a mentor with whom, you can interact after every test for feedback and suggestions Q. Proprof?
A. Proprof is a premium platform used world over by institutions like NASA, Harvard etc in objective testing. Our platform here not just assesses your test wise performance but also gives you an overall rank based on performance in all the tests by the end of the course. Nowhere so far!
Q. WoW! But, all of this in maximum, 30 to 40 classes per module?
Yes. Frankly speaking you need to spend more time than what you spend in a traditional notes dictation class. But, this happens out of the classroom in writing answers, preparing for class, revising the material etc.
Eliminating the dictation hugely cuts the time and allows us to have more time on discussing the basics and explain the superior aspects of the subject happening in and around.Once you are up to date with class, the material and are religious with writing answers, you are totally done with subject by the end of the course.APPSC too doesn’t leave much gap notification and the exam. This too compels us to plan intelligently and finish the course

Q. One last thing. Does the Science and Technology paper help my UPSC preparation too?
A. Or course! Greatly, I should say. The S&T section of UPSC isnt clearly defined in terms of syllabus. This makes it tough to approach the subject.

APPSC has elaborately detailed all the essential aspects of current Science. Once you are in grips with the APPSC paper, you are ready to approach most parts of UPSC S&T with ease.

Q. Thank you. Finally, Any advice on getting the maximum from the course?
A. Its simple.
~ Be regular to the class.
~ Be inquisitive and come to class with questions.
~ Watch the videos posted.
~ Complete the class notes and material on a day to day basis.
~ Take the objective tests and written assignments seriously

Q. Too many things. Could you Pls summarise once?
A. Sure.
~ An unconventional course with thoroughly researched material.
~ An open minded classroom encouraging questions.
~ An innovative virtual classroom platform honing the written skills, encouraging student interaction off the class and inducing competitive spirit in and out of classroom
~ A telegram channel helping the student stay updated and keep in touch till the exam
~ Packed objective and written tests
Simply put, its all that you get in the market and a 100 more.

It’s Market++