Anthropology 2018 Mains Answers discussion by Feynman IAS Optional and Test series student

Paper 1 and Paper 2


Online Anthropology course for UPSC 2019  Click here

Features of the course-

    • Conceptual, Contemporary and Comprehensive
    • Far ahead of the books in market, through updation of latest research and data from journals
    • Thorough examination of more than 30+ Tribal profiles- Audio and Video. 
    • Particular emphasis on Physical Anthropology. 15 exclusive objective tests to train on basics
    • An innovative and never before methodology to hone writing skills. Mark these words!
    • Thorough testing of concepts through objective tests and written skills under watch of teachers
    • Stimulating discussions in classrooms 
    • Interaction with faculty through Telegram groups
    • Superior methodology
    • Completion of syllabus within 4 months
    • Social and Indian Anthropology- Venkata Mohan, Author of Anthropological Thought
    • Physical Anthropology- Dr. Rajasekhar B.Sc. Genetics from Osmania University and PhD in Biomolecular sciences, University of Lethbridge, Canada
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Venkata Mohan’s approach to Anthropology